Dear families,

Thank you so much for coming out last week for our First Eucharist preparation session. I hope that your children went home excited to continue learning about this new and exciting way that Jesus is going to live in their heart! Father Tom, Father Brian, their teachers and I are thrilled to be preparing with them and exploring our Catholic faith together.

Between now and our next session in January, take time as a family each week to work in your “We Share the Eucharist” books. Find a cozy place to work (the couch, the kitchen table, a bedroom etc) where you can have some quality time reading, praying, and completing the workbook. Don’t be afraid to share stories, ideas, and questions you have as you read. Talk about moments of faith in your own life, and connect every day events to what you’re discussing. Things that happen at school, on the playground, on a TV show, or at work can all help make the daily experience of faith ‘real’. Your child will probably be able to share examples with you, too! If at any point you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.


  • Please have chapters 1-4 completed by our next meeting. This should give you lots of time to work through the material and talk about it.
  • Have your child bring their missal to Mass each weekend so they can follow along.
  • Our next session is on Tuesday, January 22 at 6. We will be upstairs for a teaching Mass, and the children will have the opportunity to ask questions and watch Mass more closely than usual.

In Christ,

Mary Forcier

Youth Minister

St Joseph Parish

148 Madison Avenue South Kitchener, ON

N2G 3M6 P: 519-745-9302

F: 519-741-9944