Good afternoon;
The Umbrella Project Theme for the month of November is Growth Mindset. This week we will be recognizing students who have shown exemplary mindset and will be introducing our December skill:  Cognitive Flexibility.  Earlier in the year an introductory letter was shared and I would encourage to take a look at it again as a refresher: Umbrella Project Introduction To Parents

Our school fundraiser is up, running and your support by purchasing gift cards would be much appreciated. Please click on the link below to read more about the fundraiser including instructions.   In order to ensure we have delivery in time prior to Christmas we asking if all orders can be brought back to school tomorrow. St. Bernadette Fundraiser Campaign 2019  

Our school keeps on growing….. welcome to Ms. Sieczkowski and Mr. Burnley.  Ms. Sieczkowski will be the Grade 3/4 Planning Time Teacher and Mr. Burnley will be the French Teacher for our Grade 4s in Mrs. Reuter’s classroom.  WELCOME!

Congratulations to our Grade 4 students who will be receiving their own bible this coming Tuesday.


1.  Attachments for you to review….   Dec. 3 CSAC Invitation
2.  News from the Mill Courtland Centre:  Winter 2020 Newsletter MCCC

Have a great week!