Good evening BEARS Families and Friends,
This second week of Advent is focused on the theme of PEACE. When we light the second candle on our Advent Wreath, we are invited to call to mind the many ways the PEACE of the Lord is with us always.  In times when conflict, power and the fight for control dominate our daily discussions, invite PEACE into your heart.  Speak kindly. Love deeply. Forgive easily. Share PEACE with those around you so that we might make our families, community and world a better place to live.

The new Umbrella Project Theme for the month of December is Cognitive Flexibility. Cognitive Flexibility is the ability to: change our strategies when we face new and unexpected conditions in the environment; solve problems in new situations; make sense of the unexpected; switch tasks easily; shift and change our thoughts as needed in a situation; and being able to think flexibly. This is a very important skill to master in order to be innovative. Cognitive Thinking is further explained in the video attached in the link – Cognitive Flexibility 

Our annual  St. Bernadette Christmas Dinner 2019 is this Tuesday.  We are asking if you each student can bring $3.00 to help with the cost.  We look forward to this event where we can all sit down and enjoy the Christmas spirit.   Thank you to our Catholic School Advisory Committee for their support and ensuring this wonderful event always takes place.

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Have a great week!