Good evening BEARS Families and Friends,
This third week of Advent is focused on the theme of Preparing the Way of the Lord~Joy! At this time, we remember the need for patience in those awaiting the rebirth of Jesus in their hearts and lives.  To express our joy in the coming of Jesus as our Savior, we light the rose candle. Besides, this joyful spirit is marked by the third candle of our Advent wreath, which is rose coloured,’ and the ‘rose coloured’ vestments are often used at the Eucharist, because they represent a lightening of the dark violet of the rest of the penitential season of Advent. They remind us of the colour of the sky at the very brink of morning, when the sun is just beginning to come up. The horizon takes on a pale rose colour that gradually gets redder and brighter as the sun rises. For faithful Christians, life is like a “long sunrise,” and death is the entrance into the bright, “everlasting day” of eternal life.
The Vatican News

The Umbrella Project Theme for the month of December is Cognitive Flexibility. Cognitive Flexibility is the ability to: change our strategies when we face new and unexpected conditions in the environment; solve problems in new situations; make sense of the unexpected; switch tasks easily; shift and change our thoughts as needed in a situation; and being able to think flexibly. This is a very important skill to master in order to be innovative. Cognitive Thinking is further explained in the video attached in the link below

What a spectacular performance it will be this Thursday afternoon.  Our students and staff will be entertaining the masses with their Christmas Concert.  All students will put on outstanding performances and should be proud of their hard work in learning their songs and dances. Thanks goes out to Ms. Bruni and Ms. Achenbach for her hard work in planning this great afternoon of music and dance, and to our teachers for their hard work in preparing our students. Please read the letter regarding our concert:  Christmas Concert 2019

1.  News from the Mill Courtland Centre:  Winter 2020 Newsletter MCCC
2. St. Bernadette Angel Tree Project and Christmas Food Drive 2019 … thank you for
your donations!  We are still accepting non-perishable food items.
3. Christmas Concert 2019
4. Happy Birthday Jesus – St. Joseph Catholic Church
5. Please check our lost and found for any missing items.
6. Our school will re-open on January 6th at 9:10 a.m.
7.  Our Grade 8s and parents are reminded about the upcoming
Grade 9 information night: SAVE the Date SMRY