Good Afternoon Bears;

Recently the Minister of Education announced that we would not be returning to school for the remainder of this year.  We are so sad to hear this news and we continue to hope for a quick resolution to the many safety issues that we have as a part of large gatherings.  Hopefully, things will return to “normal” for September. Whatever the case, please know that we miss you all greatly and we can’t wait to get back to a point when we can gather, see your smiling faces and once again, begin to learn together!  Stay strong during the days and weeks until that can happen!  If you ever need anything, please do not hesitate to reach out!

That being said … I have something to say to the many parents out there who are working with our students each day…THANK YOU!  Your efforts are noticed, appreciated and valued!  We are so glad that you are helping your children, our students, in their educational journey and that you continue to do so even with the announcement of not getting to return to school this year.  The work you are doing will help them greatly in September and we are so grateful for your efforts. THANK YOU!

Remember, we still have four weeks left of school and we encourage you to continue engaging in your distance learning.  We want to ensure that learning can continue, so that when we are back to school, it is like we never left!  I realize it is a challenge with the current status of the school year, and the nice weather, but it is important!

As you know we are making plans for the pick up of personal items, drop off of school items (library books, text books etc.), the delivery of report cards and all of the other necessary items to wrap up this year and to start next year on the right foot.  As that information becomes available, we will share it with you on your child’s virtual Classrooms and Newswire. Families who have borrowed Chromebooks for distance learning will not be expected to return them in June – the exception being Grade 8 students or any other students who are leaving our school at the end of June.

Please know that we are so thankful for your continued efforts at home and we are so proud of the many Umbrella skills that you are demonstrating each and every day.  This is not easy and you continue to impress the entire staff at St. Bernadette.  Continue to stay safe and continue to take care of yourselves. Reach out to others and continue to pray for an end to this pandemic.

Have a great week Bears!

Welcome to Healthy Lifestyle Month at the Umbrella Project
This month, we focus on one piece of what makes a powerful umbrella of wellbeing skills and this month we are adding healthy lifestyle. Exercise is great for our body and brain. It also releases neurochemicals which are important for bonding with your family and kids. So get moving, together this spring. For more information, please read the following introduction:Lifestyle-Parent-Newsletter.docx-1-1

Watch more in the video below from the Umbrella Project Facebook page.

To  listen to other questions from parents and hear more about building strong well-being, you can still watch the webinar replay from May 20 if you were unable to make it live   Click here to re-watch the webinar.

Newcomer Parent Resource Series: Available in 16 Languages
Refugee parents come to Canada with unique settlement needs and language barriers that make it challenging to get information to support their parenting, children development, and the health and safety of their family in Canada. For more information please visit:

Carizon: Survive and Thrive: Community Resource Program Bulletin
We wanted to provide some of the materials and resources that you may find helpful:
CRP Bulletin Template.Issue 1.May 2020
CRP Bulletin Template.Issue 2.May 2020
CRP Bulletin Template.Issue 3.May 2020

WCDSB Update
As we move forward, please remember that on our WCDSB board website you will find from our home page a link to WCDSBLearn@Home where a host of additional resources for all learners will be found.  We also encourage you to continue to visit our WCDSBPray@Home webpage as well as our FAQ page.  You can also follow the #STEAMDays hashtag where lots of fun and engaging activities are being posted.