Good Evening Bears!

I wanted to share some information with you as things are changing rapidly and I want to keep you informed.  As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

As we move to teacher-led distance learning, our teachers have been working to contact students and families to find out who may need a Chromebook. If you did not hear from your child’s teacher, please contact the teacher(s).  Emails are found on our board website:

We are expecting an announcement tomorrow from the Ministry of Education with more details about the remote learning plan and timelines for the school year. Last Friday an announcement introducing WCDSBLearn@Home! took place. Click the link for more information: I would also suggest that you continue to monitor announcements teachers are posting on your child(ren)’s classroom platform.

Many of our planned events for the remainder of the school year have either been postponed or cancelled. We will let you know when we get the information. The opportunity to receive sacrament through the Church is on hold for now. Any questions about receiving sacraments can be directed to St. Joseph Church. If you have any questions about the events, field trips or pizza day money paid via School Cash Online, please feel free to reach out.

Father Brian continues to send out daily messages and scripture readings for our parishioners. Please connect with the parish at for more information. Our local diocese has set up a webpage with helpful resources so Catholics can remain in touch with their faith while churches are closed:

As mentioned earlier, more resources and information to help keep the learning process moving forward has been  provided  – including a link to all of the outstanding resources and ideas that were provided during #STEAMDays, as well as some important mental health and well being information.  A “How to Video” is also provided so you can activate the Read and Write app on a home device (laptops and ChromeBooks. Here is the link:   There will be more to come!

Nutrition for Learning has mobile locations set up, including times at St. Bernadette school, for food and snacks. Here is the link for the schedule updates:

Please stay tuned to Newswire for any school updates, and to the local news for any updates from the Government, Minister of Education or Minister of Health.  Things are changing fast and we will do our best to keep you informed.

Please remain confident that we are here to support you, as we walk as a hope-filled community of faith toward the season of Easter.

Stay Strong Bears!