Self- Compassion is the care we give to ourselves when we make mistakes, embarrass ourselves, or come short of a goal we were hoping to achieve.  It is important to acknowledge and accept that their are times in life that we are at fault, and that is part of being human.  Self -compassion is giving ourselves care, understanding and kindness instead of criticism when faced with shortcomings, inadequacies , or failures.

Why is Self-Compassion Important

  1. Improves wellbeing, happiness, life satisfaction, connection to others, self-confidence, curiosity, self compassion and optimism Reduces anxiety, depression, stress
  2. Reduces perfectionism and shame
  3. Increases our desire to learn
  4. Increases feelings of competence and ability to complete tasks
  5. Lowers our fear of failure, and makes us more likely to persevere and try again
  6. Allows us to take greater responsibility for past mistakes and gives us greater disposition to apologize



“ Someone is inevitably going to dislike you. As long as that person isn’t yourself , you are good” 

Michelle Elman


“It’s not your job to like me, It’s mine”

Byron Katie