School Council September 26th

School Council October 15th

School Council’s Objectives

The purpose of the School Council is to promote and support education and contribute to a sense of school community at St. Bernadette.

School Council’s objective are to:

  • promote cooperation between home and school
  • promote involvement of parents and other community members
  • organize and provide additional resources to help the school through volunteer means
  • provide a formal means of consultation and recommendations for budgetary matters, curriculum, new instructional programs, facilities and equipment and learning resources.

Our Council is involved in:

  • school improvement plan
  • having an active role in consultation before certain decisions are made
  • keeping an open line of communication between school and home
  • supporting parish initiatives
  • raising funds to support programs
  • organizing special student lunch days; pizza

School Council Members

Michael O’Toole (Co-chairperson)
Lisa McKay (Co-chairperson)
Michelle Lovell (Secretary)
Michele Reuber (Treasurer)
Trish Yarascavitch (Member at Large)
T. Hawley – Fancsali (Teacher Representative)
Joanne DeSousa (Community Representative)
M. Parent (Teacher Representatives)
A. Simoes (Principal)