School Council

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School Council September 26th 2017

School Council October 11th 2017

School Council November 22nd 2017

School Council’s Objectives

The purpose of the School Council is to promote and support education and contribute to a sense of school community at St. Bernadette.

School Council’s objective are to:

  • promote cooperation between home and school
  • promote involvement of parents and other community members
  • organize and provide additional resources to help the school through volunteer means
  • provide a formal means of consultation and recommendations for budgetary matters, curriculum, new instructional programs, facilities and equipment and learning resources.

Our Council is involved in:

  • school improvement plan
  • having an active role in consultation before certain decisions are made
  • keeping an open line of communication between school and home
  • supporting parish initiatives
  • raising funds to support programs
  • organizing special student lunch days; pizza

School Council Members

Melanie Bonaventura (Co-chairperson)
Patricia Haines (Co-chairperson)
Michelle Lovell (Secretary)
Michele Reuber (Treasurer)
T. Hawley – Fancsali (Parish and Teacher Representative)
Joanne DeSousa (Community Representative)
Lisa McKay  (Member at Large)
Mary Young (Non-Teacher Representative)
M. Parent (Teacher Representatives)
A. Simoes (Principal)