WCDSB Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

“As disciples of Christ, we educate and nurture hope in all learners to realize their full potential to transform God’s world.”

Our Vision:

“Our Catholic Schools: heart of the community — success for each, a place for all.”

WCDSB Code of Conduct:

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board recognizes the inherent dignity and worth of the individual. All individuals concerned with the school system -trustees, staff, students, parents, visitors to schools –are subject to the following code of conduct; a code of conduct that will be implemented within the Catholic faith life experience of each school community and consistent with the Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations, the Safe School’s provisions of the Education Act and Regulations and the constitutional right of Catholic school boards to manage their schools as stated through section 93 of the Constitution Act, 1867. APC 018 Code of Conduct

At St. Bernadette, We Believe…

That everyone is perfect just the way God made them: all people are unique in their own way and we should celebrate each other’s individuality.
That we were born to make a difference in the world.
That all things are possible with God: we can wish; dream; believe; achieve.
That we should smile at least once every day with an attitude of gratitude.
That our school community is special because we celebrate and care for each other.
St. Bernadette…Pray for us

Student Pick Up and Drop Off

We are asking for your help to assist us in maintaining a safe environment at St. Bernadette School. Please review the following procedures put in place to ensure the safety of all:

  • Students are instructed to enter the schoolyard via the sidewalk beside the creative playground. While it may be convenient to use the side parking lot route in some cases, we need to limit the traffic in this area as there are a number of “blind spots” to motorists and there is no pedestrian sidewalk.
  • This side parking lot of the school is a Student Safety Zone used for staff parking only – if you are driving your child(ren) to school, please use the front parking lot or one of the side streets in the immediate neighbourhood.
  • Students are instructed to exit the schoolyard via the sidewalk by the creative playground.
  • If you are picking your child(ren) up after school, please ensure that they follow the sidewalk beside the creative playground right to Lorne Avenue or take the sidewalk directly in front of the school to meet the parking lot crossing guard.
  • We have two buses loading at dismissal time and several parked cars. If children are walking through the parking lot, it creates an additional safety issue.

These procedures are in place to ensure the safety of all St. Bernadette students, parents, and staff. Please reinforce them with your child(ren).

EQAO Results

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Extended Day Program

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board is pleased to offer a fee based Extended Day Program for children from JK to grade 6. The program provides children with opportunities to expand their knowledge through a variety of activities. Children will be exposed to situations that will stimulate their curiosity, independence and communication skills.

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