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All Grade 3 and 6 students across Ontario participate in the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) assessments each year.  Students are asked to share their learning in Reading, Writing and Mathematics.  The assessment questions are based on the Ontario Language and Mathematics Curriculum. They are intended to find out what students in Ontario schools have learned by the end of Grade 3 and Grade 6.

Helping Your Child Prepare For EQAO

  • show an interest in your child’s school work by talking about what he or she has done each day
  • encourage your child to show his or her thinking while working through activities considering these questions: Have I done what I am asked to do?  Should I add more details to help the reader understand my thinking?  Have I communicated what I wanted to?  Have I checked my work?
  • be positive about the EQAO assessment.
  • key words that you child will be using for the EQAO assessment are compare (explain what is the same and what is different), describe (use words to create a mental picture for the reader), determine (plan and find a solution to the problem), list (use point form), explain (make your thinking clear using words and sometimes symbols) and justify (give reasons and evidence to show your answer is correct.
  • questioning framework:  retelling (identifying the main ideas), relating (making a connection) and reflecting (extending understanding).  Ask your child to retell a story using this framework.

Sample tests for the Grade 3 and 6 assessments are available at  We wish our students all the best as they will write the test later this month.