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November 30, 2020

The anticipated snow fall this evening it is a reminder that winter is approaching quickly.  In preparation it is important to plan for inclement weather and bus cancellations.  Student safety is always at the center of the decision to cancel buses.  This year, COVID-19 presents an additional concern for student safety and well-being which resulted in some important changes to bus cancellation policy.  For the 2020/2021 school year in the circumstance when transportation is cancelled due to weather and road conditions, all schools will be closed to both students and staff.

In the event schools are closed due to bus cancellations, each classroom teachers will utilize their google classroom site to post learning tasks and activities for their students by 10 am.  The day will follow the same schedule as a normal school day.  Students should contact their classroom teacher through the google classroom or email.g

Thank you for your continued support and partnership with your children’s learning.


Positive Covid-19 Cases

The Regional Public Health Unit has notified the school that testing has identified positive COVID-19 cases in our school.  The School Board and School are working with Public Health to identify and isolate staff and students who have been impacted.    Families of students who are from the affected classrooms have received emails informing them that their child’s classroom is not to come to school and must isolate at home while they wait for direction from public health.


Please read the letter attached below

Nov. 30th Letter to school community Confirmed Covid Case






Positive Covid-19 case identified

The Regional public Health Unit has informed the School and the WCDSB that a student who attends St. Bernadette School has tested positive with Covid-19.  This is a separate and unrelated case from the previous identified positive cases.  The students and staff connected with the impacted classroom will remain home in quarantine until Public Health has given clearance for their return.

Please read the letter below for more details

Letter to St. Bernadette School Community Positive Covid Case identified

Covid-19 Update

Dear St. Bernadette School Community.

Through contact tracing and safety measure taken by the school board and the Regional Public Health Unit a related Covid-19 case has been identified.  This case is directly connected to the first identified positive person.


Please read the letter attached for more detail.

St. Bernadette school outbreak community letter

COVID-19 school screening tool

Good Evening,

As you are aware, St. Bernadette has experienced its first positive  Covid-19 case.  The risk of spread was limited to one day due to the cautious and responsible decisions of a St. Bernadette community member.   This is a reminder to all of us of the importance of  monitoring the health of our children to ensure we identify potential positive covid cases and limit the risk of it spreading.   You should use the provincial “COVID-19 screen tool” to help you decide if your child should attend school and what cautionary steps should be taken.

Please use the link below to access the screening tool.





School Picture Day- Save the Date – January 12th, 2021


St. Bernadette Parents and Guardians,

We will be having a school picture day.  Like most things during Covid-19, there will be some restrictions and safety protocols put in place to ensure the well-being of the staff and students.  St. Bernadette picture day is on January 12, 2021  Below is the video with the safety protocols that have been approved by the Board and will be observed on picture day. Only individual photos will be taken (i.e. no class photos).

You will receive more information as we get closer to January 12th.


Important Parent Notice- Positive Covid-19 Case Identified at St. Bernadette Catholic School

Dear Parents / Guardians of St. Bernadette School Community

We continue to work together to keep our community and homes safe and your understanding and support is appreciated! As per our Board and Public Health Protocols, our caring parents and staff make decisions each day to get tested when they are ill to determine if their symptoms may put others at risk. This extra level of safety has resulted in finding a case of COVID-19 being identified at St. Bernadette Catholic School. Public Health and the Waterloo Catholic District School Board have been notified and are providing support and direction to ensure the health and well-being of our students and staff.

Please use the link below to read a full letter of explanation from the Waterloo Catholic District School Board.

Letter to St. Bernadette School Community Positive Covid Case identified

Parent – Teacher Interviews

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Parent – teacher remote interviews are scheduled to take place from November 23 to  November 27th.    The classroom teacher will contacted you to arrange a date and time for your interview.  You may also contact the classroom teacher to request an interview if you have not been contacted yet.   All interviews will take place by phone or other virtual method.  There will not be any face to face interviews.  If you require an interpreter to help with the interview please let the teacher know and one can be arranged.


Vic Longo Principal


Progress Reports sent home – Friday Nov. 20th

Parents and Guardians,

This Friday, November 20th  student progress reports will be sent home with each student.  The progress report shares information about the students’ development of learning skills and work habits and achievement of the curriculum expectations for all subjects.

Please review your child’s progress report with them.  There is a parent and student section on the bottom part of the progress report for you to share comments and goals for improvement.  Please complete and separate this part of the report and return it to the classroom teacher.



Vic Longo – Principal


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