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Student mask distribution

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board has purchased reusable face masks for every student in the board.  The masks have been delivered to the school and will be distributed to the classrooms today; Oct. 30th.     The school has been given enough supplies to provide each student with 4 masks.  The classroom teachers will be distributing them in a way that will ensure students have access to the masks  over the course of the school year.

Disposable masks for students will no longer be supplied to the schools .  Please make sure your child comes to school with a mask.  It is mandatory for all grade 4-8 students to wear one throughout the day.  Grades Jk-3 are strongly encouraged to wear a mask.  They should bring one to school each day.



Vic Longo – Principal


WCDSB Pastoral Theme for 2020-2021 “Gathered to Become”

May this year of Becoming truly be a year of Transformation. As the Eucharist transforms us, so let us be the “Bread of Life” to all we encounter. May we experience transformation this year – from the challenges of new learning situations, platforms and teaching environments – to allow us to emerge from our chrysalis healthy and strong and to successfully be able to spread our wings and soar.


Loving Father you call us to belong to your family so that we may be gathered to become.

You constantly speak your word to us to call us to right relationship with yourself and with one another.

In the fullness of time you sent your only Son, Jesus to be your Word made flesh.

In the very being of Jesus there is perfect integrity between who he is and what he speaks.

Though your Word and Sacrament you provide opportunities for us to grow in that same integrity.

As you raised Jesus to new life from the tomb, you also transform the caterpillar into a butterfly in the chrysalis.

So too, loving God, shape and form our becoming according to your divine plan in the image of your Son, by the power of the Holy Spirit in our gathering as a Christian Community.   Amen.

Fr. Joseph de Viveiros C.R.

Halloween Fun at school – Friday Oct. 30th


The staff and myself have been planning what Halloween fun will look like at school this year.  Although COVID -19 will require that a few changes are made, there will be lots of the familiar activities.

It is important that all of us follow these important rules and expectations

  1. All COVID-19 health and Safety practices will be followed.
  2. Costumes: Will be allowed.  Halloween masks are not permitted.  No props that are weapons or represent weapons are allowed.  Costumes must follow the appropriate dress code guidelines
  3. Candy/treats: Due to COVID -19, bringing and handing out candy or treats from home will not be allowed.  Teacher will be allowed to hand out Halloween candy.
  4. COVID -19 health and safety masks must be worn by staff and students to prevent the spread of the virus.

New Government COVID-19 School Screening tool

The Government’s COVID-19 school screening tool was updated on October 1st and offers the best guidance to help our families/students decide if they should or should not go to school each day by completing the questions in the assessment.

There are now 2 levels to the screening process. If your child does not experience symptoms displayed on the 1st screen, select ‘none of the above’ to see a second level of symptom screening.

The assessment results provide a green checkmark (i.e. go to school) or an orange screen or red screen (do not go to school) and specific next steps for you to follow. Parents should notify the principal if their child does not pass screening.

The Government of Ontario requires families, “to screen for COVID-19 every day before going to school.”

Please read the WCDSB Newswire regarding Important New Guidelines for Siblings of Ill Students.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in keeping students and staff at St. Paul healthy and safe.

Happy Thanksgiving

I would like to wish the staff, students and parents of St. Bernadette community a Happy Thanksgiving.  We have completed our first full month of school and I am very thankful for the warm welcome that the students and staff have given me.  St. Bernadette is a vibrant and energetic school.  The students are an amazing group.  They are quick to greet you with a smile and a sincere hello.  The staff are a dedicate group who care deeply about the students in all ways.  I am thankful to be at St. Bernadette school as its principal.


Vic Longo


PD Day Friday Oct. 9th 2020

Good Morning,

Just a reminder that this Friday, Oct. 9th is a Waterloo Catholic District School Board Professional Development day.

There is no school for students.

Catholic School Advisory Council – (Parent Council) Seeking members

Good Morning St. Bernadette community,

St. Bernadette is currently accepting nominations and volunteers from parents and guardians to sit on the school executive council.

The executive positions are Council Chair person,  Council Co-chair, Secretary, Treasurer.  All parents and Guardians are welcome to participate and attend meetings even if they are not part of the executive council.

Please email me at if you are interested in being a school council member.



Vic Longo – Principal







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